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Solar Made Simple

Why go solar now

SAVE MONEY. GO SOLAR. Do your part.

Save Money

Our Residential Customers average over $90k in savings during the life of their systems! We have helped our customers combined, save over $1 Billion in eletric bill savings”

Tax Credits Expiring

The timer has started! The Federal Tax Credit has already dropped once, will drop again in 2023 and then be gone completely in 2025! Get started now to take advantage.

Join the Movement

Going solar has long term beneficial effects on the planet, and at 1st light we aim to make the transition as cost effective and smooth as possible.

How it works

1:Calculate your Savings
Use our savings calculator to see how much you can be saving by installing solar for you home. It's easy!
Calculate your savings
2: Customize your project
We will have one of our team members reach out to you and book you for a virtual solar consultation with one of our solar experts.
Calculate your savings
3:choose financing and get qualified
We will take a look at your roof and finalize the final design for your solar panels.
calculate your saving
4:install and enjoy savings
We come to your home and install your solar panels and you have the benefit of saving money while helping the environment. It's a win-win for everyone!
calculate your saving
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Calculate your savings

Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save by installing solar for you home.

Customize your project

We will have one of our team members reach out  and book a virtual solar consultation with one of our solar experts.

choose financing and get qualified

1st Light works with a variety of financing sources to provide a variety of high quality options that best suit each individual install.

Install and enjoy savings

The 1st Light Team is dedicated to making the transition to solar an easy and affordable process, while also educating our customers on the facts.

Why buy direct with 1st light

Solar Made Simple

Great company to work with, They kept their schedule of installation, there was always someone ready to answer my questions, and they kept me in the loop as to how long it would take to get all the permits for my solar. Loved the company refer people all the time. Best of all, I pay $40 bucks less monthly for my electricity.
My family is very happy with our installation of solar panels. This company offered us very good services. It will help us and our planet. They have great, honest, and respectful workers that explained everything really well. They were very patient with our questions and doubts. We felt very comfortable with them and we recommend this program to all my family and friends. I Would like to personally thanks to Dominic Mason who was calling us almost every week to give us update for when system will start.
We had a great experience and are very happy with how everything turned out. There was a problem with the city inspector showing up early before the installation was finished. He said they would have to reschedule the inspection for the following week and we wouldn’t be able to turn our system on. They jumped on the issue quickly and the inspector was out later that same day. Highly recommend.
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Ready to Go Solar? Calculate your Savings

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