Solar for your business
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Over 300
commercial installations nationwide
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SAVINGS SINCE 2008 (Extra Space Storage)
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Convert sunlight into energy

Over 300 Commercial SolAr Locations

exceptional commercial experience

significant Energy Savings and tax advantages

own your power

millions of dollars in power savings

clean energy – reduction in c02, coal, oil, and tree consumption

1st light & storage

1st Light Energy has had a major impact on the storage industry turning to solar energy! Our healthy relationship with companies such as Extra Space Storage, Cube Smart, and others show this.

220 locations installed

27% of all ESS sites
have 1st Light solar

saved since 2008

1st light & Golf

Solar power has a great deal to offer golf courses and club houses. Cutting down the greatest expense faced by club managers has the potential for fantastic savings.

Multiple locations

27% of all ESS sites
have 1st Light solar

saved since 2008

1st light & Mobile Homes

The savings potential for mobile home parks who chose to go solar is Significant. It can also help to attract environmentally conscious renters.

Popular option
For many sites

High Savings

saved since 2008

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